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The Future of Computer Games- Where Does It Stand?

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There was a time when games meant a group of people- kids or otherwise sweating it out in the field with a ball, cricket bat and the like. Indulging in games without them was also a popular trend. Things have however, changed a lot what with the advent of PC games. So, now instead of playing in the natural surroundings, kids and even adults for that instance prefer settling in front of their computers and save the earth from an alien attack.

The Changing Face of Computer Games- Then and Now

Gaming as we know today has certainly evolved a lot over the last 5 years. If we take a look at the gaming picture of the yesteryears, a marked change can be noted in basically two aspects- graphics and the assortment of games available on the block.

The gaming population 5 years back were more habituated to playing games in the 2D mode. People out there are now in awe of the more detailed and complicated 3D gaming mode. With life-like sound, image and graphics, the 3D gaming mode has been successful in capturing the attention of game lovers for some time now and is being predicted to wield a lot of power in the future of computer games.

The variety of these games, too, has diversified to include other avenues. Today, video games have evolved to include better graphics, stories, game play and game play length. The gaming population, today, are involved in playing Call of Duty, Prince of Persia, Halo and the like.

Trends to Look Out For In Computer Games

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The future of computer games holds great news for every video game addicted people out there. Gaming addicts have outlined certain trends that are sure to catch fire among PC games lovers in the future.

  • For one, 3D games are sure to rule the gaming arena in the near future. With virtual reality all set to take the helm, players can be sure of having a gaming experience accompanied by realistic sound, graphics, animation and the like, making it difficult for them to differentiate the virtual from the real.
  • With smartphones and tablets all set to rule the arena, the future of computer games is all set to be dominated by the use of secondary gaming devices.
  • Open source gaming is another trend that game lovers are sure to come across in near future.
  • Another trend to look out for in video gaming in near future is the development of games that will not be dependent on devices or location. This means players will be able to access them anytime, anywhere.


So, get ready to be hooked on to these trends if you are a computer game addict and can’t seem to keep your hands off them.

The Future Of Computer Games- Will It Survive?

Online gaming has been ruling over the gaming arena for quite some time now. The gaming population have become addicted to the virtual games, such as, Sniper Team, Spiderman, Cake Shop and the like. With the advent of new gaming consoles and other devices, the future of computer games has been placed under the scanner for quite some time now. Ardent PC game lovers are now wondering if the mode in question will at all survive.

One reason why people might put a question mark on the future of computer games is due to level of piracy involved in the entire business. The entire business of piracy has been successful in placing a permanent frown on the foreheads of the publishers. There is also the fact that maintaining high-end PCs often proves to be a challenge for the gaming population all over.

Certain game experts, however, have upheld the fact that computer games are not going anywhere and are going to stay in the arena for a while now. The reason for this might be attributed to the superior interface of the PCs over the consoles.

Going For the Best Games on the Block

The coming years promises to bring in a lot of fun and thrill for the lovers of online gaming in all the genres. Some of the games that rule the gaming arena in the present time are Pirates: Tide of Fortune, Power Rangers, Sniper Team, Empire, Cake Shop and the like.



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