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Microsoft Dynamics GP- Allowing Businesses to Manage Accounts Efficiently

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Setting up and running a successful business organisation is not really an easy task to do. As a business person, you need to integrate and manage the various avenues of your organisation to achieve optimum results. It wouldn’t be wrong if one points out the accounts department as being one of the most crucial departments of a business, or in that case, any organisation. Achieving more productive functions and enhancing revenue remains the primary objective of an organisation. And this is where Microsoft Dynamics GP comes into play.


What Is Microsoft Dynamics GP All About?

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Keeping the importance of accurate accounting in mind, Microsoft has come up with yet another software product in the series of Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions. Operating via Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008 and 2012, the Microsoft Dynamics GP easily qualifies as being one of the best ERP software that one could come across on the block. Originally designed by Great Plains Software, Dynamics GP was first introduced to business organisations in 1993 in the form of Dynamics Release 1.0.


Helping business organisations in financial management in the countries of UK and Ireland, Singapore, Northern and Southern parts of America, Australia, New Zealand and Middle East, this software package has been written using Dexterity. A number of other countries are also making use of this accounting software by means of localised partners. Flexible and innovative, the Microsoft Dynamics GP software has been providing easy solutions to small and midsized business organisations.


Benefits of Using the Microsoft Dynamics GP


Is your business organisation in need of a little help in the accounts department? Then, the Dynamics GP might just be the thing you have been looking for. Not only does the software allow you to indulge in better financial management, it also effectively reduces the administrative cost of a particular organisation.

  • The use of the Microsoft GP software effectively reduces the number of people involved in administrative operations, thereby reducing the expenses of running the organisation smoothly.
  • The software also integrates the existing technology of the organisation to produce optimum results. Owing to its minimum support requirements and easy user adaptability features, Microsoft Dynamics GP contributes significantly to the productivity of the organisation.
  • The efficiency of the software can also be gauged by the fact that it only captures and uses the data that is relevant to your business. In other words, it operates on business-specific data that serves to enhance the visibility of the organisation.
  • Not only is the software installed into the system in a matter of minutes, it also transforms and updates data from relevant systems in a short span of time.


Consulting Firms Enhancing the Use of Microsoft Dynamics GP


Now that you are aware of the many benefits of Microsoft GP, the next step that comes into play is the optimum implementation of the software. And this is where the business management consulting software comes in.


  • Most of the consulting companies have a licensed and trained consulting and project management team that will help you in understanding how exactly you can put the ERP software to use.
  • The consulting firms first understand what your business is all about and the unique requirements of the same. It is only after this that they will provide you with consulting software that caters to your requirement.
  • These consulting companies also enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP integration, viz, CRM Integration, MS Office Integration and the like.


It might, therefore, be concluded that consulting companies are the best option for anybody who wishes to put the Microsoft GP software to optimum use. Not only will these companies provide you with industry-based expertise, but also come up with a support system that will make optimum use of the available resources.


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