Opt For Xbox One for a Gaming Experience Like Never Before

GeekValley - Xbox One (photo)

The introduction of video games and gaming consoles has changed a lot of things for the gaming arena in general. No more do people find it necessary to go all the way to parks in order to enjoy a game of cricket, football or hide and seek. They instead prefer settling down in front of their computers with their gaming consoles playing their heart out and enjoying saving the earth from an alien attack. If you are one of those console enthusiasts, then you might as well try out the Xbox games for a fascinating experience.

Xbox One- The All New Gaming Console On the Block

Brought to the fore by Microsoft on May 2013, the Xbox One is a video game console that is third in line in the Xbox family- successor to the Xbox 360. Said to rival Play Station4 and Wii U, this gaming console has been said to be part of the eight generation of video games. Deemed as an “all in one entertainment system”, the console is already a huge hit in the American and European market and has its eyes set on the Middle East as well.

Unlike the Xbox 360’s PC based design, Xbox one specifications enumerate an AMD processor, integrating the features related to entertainment, Kinect’s integration, in-built Skype, Xbox Live services and much more. With this new console, users can not only have access to their favourite games, but can also go for live television programs by means of a set top box, split screen application and enhanced second screen features. It can, therefore, be concluded that with the expanded Xbox live function, enhanced Kinect functions, cloud computing features and live streaming system, the Xbox one definitely qualifies as being one of the best video gaming consoles out there. So, if you are all set to play Titan Fall, PVZ Garden Warfare, Dead Rising 3, Call of the Duty and the like, then it would be best if you arm yourself with the latest Xbox one Specifications.

Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Are you all set to go for the latest Xbox one gaming console? In that case you might want to know how this console is different from its predecessor.

  • According to Xbox one specifications, the new console comes equipped with features that enhance Kinect Connect. While this was optional in the previous Xbox 360, its presence in the new console definitely scores a point.
  • Xbox 360 had major issues regarding overheating owing to its design. Xbox one takes care of this problem by looking into the entire “red ring” issue.
  • Unlike Xbox 360 which made use of triple core 3.2 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM, Xbox one makes use of 8 GB RAM and an eight-core processor that is based on the series of AMD Jaguar chip.
  • As far as the graphics is concerned, the Xbox one seems to have come far from the Xbox 360, with the graphics of the former being much more superior and detailed in quality.


So, if you are about to pick a gaming console, it is best if you compare the features of its predecessor before settling on a choice.

Xbox Live- Gaming Redefined

GeekValley - Xbox One (photo2)

Considered to be one of the most popular online multiplayer gaming media, the Xbox live was brought to the fore by Microsoft in 2002. Though the Xbox 360 houses an updated version of the system, the Xbox one has certain exclusive features of the same that makes gaming experience all the more remarkable.

  • According to Xbox one specification, the features of Upload app and Game DVR allows players to record the games quite easily.
  • By making use of the Kinect voice commands, players can navigate through the system and features of the console.
  • There is also an App snapping feature that allows players to access two apps simultaneously on a single screen. By making use of the “one Guide”, players can easily integrate the Internet and TV content for an amazing experience.
  • Kinect facial recognition system also allows users to sign in to the system in an authentic way. Players can also make use of Skype to video and voice chat with other players.


Looking at all the above features, one could easily come to the conclusion that using the Xbox One gaming console along with Xbox live allows players to have a remarkable gaming experience.



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